Monday, 28 July 2014

One Minute Writer: Fancy

The One-Minute Writer asks us:

When was the last time you dressed up / got into formal wear?

A. I never really wear formal wear. My idea of formal is getting into a dress, rather than trousers, or wearing a uniform to play with my brass band. I guess the last time I was truly formal was in sixth-form when I was a church sacristan. This involved wearing a long skirt with a white shirt and black heeled shoes (low-heeled mind you). My most memorable moment of wearing this outfit was when I was carrying a large candle down the aisle. Unused to both heels and a long skirt, I almost tripped up (FIRE HAZARD!!!!). Luckily all I really did was drip a tiny bit of candle wax down my best blouse. 

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