Wednesday, 30 July 2014

One Minute Writer: Environmentalism

Q.Do you take any steps to protect your environment, such as recycling, helping wildlife, or planting local plants? 


My household is quite keen on being kind to the environment. The council provides recycling bins, food bins and compost caddies- filling all of these isn't too hard for us. We try to grow as much food as possible in our garden, and buy local/organic when we go to the supermarket. We put out bird-feeders and have a pond with newts and frogs. This year 2 hedgehogs have also taken us residence. Both our cars are dual-fuel, meaning that they can use electricity as well as unleaded petrol.

But there are many environmental things that I wish I could do better. I am aware that I use my car too often, if it were possible to make more time then it would be better to walk (or cycle). I also wish I was more creative with reusing containers, especially those that are not recyclable.

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How about you?

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