Tuesday, 17 May 2011

One Minute Writer: Give

Hosted by The One-Minute Writer

The queue lined up around the block. Many had seen the advert, but few had taken more than a secodn to decide that they were the most deserving. And yet, amongst them one stood out. Dressed in the something that might have been mistaken for sack-cloth, he was there to plead for another.

One Minute Writer: Fire

Hosted by The One-Minute Writer

Sam sat infront of the fire, watching its flickering flames. Entranced by the sparks of colour, his mind emptied and became one with the sensation.

Turns out this is harder than I thought- 60seconds isn't very long, lol

Friday, 6 May 2011

Table Talk

Hosted by In Good Company

This is the first time I've had a go at this and, despite good intentions, I've not managed to actually write anything until now. So, this will be another 'off the top of my head' job I'm afraid. 

This week's gossip:
Who:  Molly Holden
What:  luxury car, broken glass, knitting needles, an old brick
Where:  a mansion
First line:  The picture in the catalog lied.

The picture in the catalog lied. Between stitches, Molly Holden glanced out of the window at her brand new luxury car, broken glass scattered around it. It had only been a week since she had spotted the limo advertised in her monthly read and fell in love with it. A sleek black, it had seemed to be the answer to all her problems. Finally, she would be able to leave her home secure in the knowledge that no-one could touch her ever again. The wouldn't even know that she was there in-fact.
The problem had come when she decided to test the claims. After passing the cash through the letterbox to the delivery man, Molly had slowly undone the security chain and tiptoed outside. Stealing glimpses either side, she had made her way through the twighlight to her waiting saviour. Gleaming in her private driveway, its sleak design had seemed to fulfill her every dream. But could it really change her life?
Molly had crept round to the back of the mansion, every moment seeming like an eternity. Delving amongst the rose bushes, the thorns digging into her soft skin, she had eventually found the necessary tool. By the time she had returned to the wating vehicle, night had truly fallen. Molly had picked up the brick, feeling its roughness against her fingers, balanced it carefully on her wrist, aimed and then fired. Moments later there had been a crash as her dreams had broken apart.
Back inside, she checked once more in the catalog. "Reinforced glass" it said, "indestructable". The catalog had lied! Molly returned to her knitting, the needles clattering against one another as they did their work.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Hello Readers

Whether you've popped over from 'The Story Factory Zone', via a meme, another of my blogs or are totally new to my writing, let me give you a warm welcome.

Welcome to the world of my imagination. Welcome to a world in which anything can happen and paper (and computer) comes alive. This is where will be posting my stories and creative writing snippets. At first these will most probably be in the form of memes set my other people, or starters take from some book or other, but I hope that over time this blog will evolve to take on larger extracts of my work.

I'm always interestedd to receive feedback from my readers. Perhaps you'd like to know more about the background of a place or character, what inspired me to write, or a continuation of an extract I started but never finished. Whatever it is please feel free to leave a comment and Ill respond as best as I can.

Whilst you're waiting for this blog to begin in ernest, please do check out my previous writing at The Story Factory (please note that these are fan-fictions written when I was younger and not the sort of thing I intend to post on this blog).