Thursday, 31 July 2014

One Minute Writer: Cooking

Q. What was the last thing you cooked? 

I'm quite glad you asked me this question. I've been struggling for several years with getting the perfect load of bread in my bread machine. Easy, you might say. Surely you just fling in the ingredients it suggests and then turn it on?! Well, that worked the first few times, but then, all of a sudden the bread wouldn't rise.
Was it the yeast? No, fresh yeast provided no better results. So, I tried the recipe on the flour packet instead. Nope, still flat.
About 6 months passed. I tried again. Another 6 months, try again. No change. I tried kneading it in the machine then baking in the oven, kneading by hand and then baking in the machine, doing the whole thing by hand. No luck.
Then, 2 days ago, I decided to go back to the original recipe in my bread machine's book again. It rose magnificently, but there was two much air and it collapsed again.
Finally, yesterday the bread rose and stayed risen. Reducing the yeast by half and taking out the milk so my lactose-intollerant mother could eat it worked. It still tastes a little of Vitamin C, but I'm hoping that reducing that a little will make it perfect.
Btw, the picture above is not the one I made, but its pretty similar!

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