Monday, 6 August 2012

Music That Inspires Writing

Today's theme:
Today we'd particularly like to hear from those of you who like to write but, of course, there's always something for readers to talk about as well.
  • Do you listen to music whilst you write or do you need silence?
  • What music do you enjoy listening to whilst you write?
  • Tell us about music that you think/suspect/know influenced books that you've read
Share you're thoughts by linking up in the comments and don't forget that every 'Music Through The Pages' theme post you make entitles you to another entry in this month's giveaway.

Why silence is golden

Whilst I love listening to music I find it impossible to do whilst writing. My problem is that I end up writing down the words that I hear. I need silence instead to concentrate on forming the story and characters in my mind.

I used tosometimes listen to music whilst I put pen to paper. But that was back when I liked to do writing based on songs, or try to sneak song titles into what I wrote. That's all behind me now, so this reason is no longer valid.

Truth is that the need for silence is probably the reason why I d verry little writing nowadays- silence is so hard to come buy (and incredibly valuable).

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